02/09 Ryan's "Cloudy and Humid" Friday Night Forecast

We haven't seen much active weather in South Mississippi today despite the increase in humidity and cloud cover, but expect to see it move in quickly after midnight. Click here for the full forecast.

02/09 Ryan's "Cloudy" Friday Evening Forecast

The clouds and humidity moved in today as expected, and while showers will build in overnight, the storms won't pick up until tomorrow. Watch the full forecast for more.

02/06 Ryan's "Dark & Wet" Tuesday Night Forecast

Ended up with a little bit of a break in the rain for the late shows, but make no mistake, we will see more showers and thunderstorms through the night and into tomorrow. Click the link for the full forecast.

02/05 Ryan's "Nice Start" Monday Night Forecast

It's calm and mostly clear right now, but by this time tomorrow we'll have seen showers and thunderstorms with another round on the way during the early morning hours of Wednesday. Click this link for the full forecast.

01/26 Ryan's "Local Weather Change" Friday Forecast

Today was the warmest and most humid day we've seen all week, but after a rainy weekend we'll get back to those cooler and dry days. Click here for the full forecast with Meteorologist Ryan Mahan.

Ryan's "Off-Camera" Friday Forecast

The humidity has been rising throughout the day and rain is expected overnight. Expect a few thunderstorms tomorrow, but you'll have to click this link for the full forecast.

01/11 Ryan's "Cold Front" Thursday Night Forecast

Not much change in weather from the afternoon until now (11 PM), but a cold front is moving through overnight and we have long week of frigid nights ahead. Click here for the full forecast.

01/11 Ryan's "Frontal" Thursday Evening Forecast

Another warm and humid afternoon today, but tonight's cold front will reverse both of those conditions as we head into the next several days. Click on this forecast link for the details.

01/07 Ryan's "Active Weather" Sunday Forecast

After an extended period of cold and dry weather, we're finally seeing warm and moist air move in along with some active weather. Click this tab for the full forecast.

12/19 Ryan's "Thick Fog" Tuesday Evening Forecast

A cold front is poised to move through overnight, but we'll "enjoy" a widespread and dense fog until the late morning tomorrow. Expect some clearing, but more rain before the weekend. Details within.

12/04 Ryan's "Warm and Humid" Monday Night Forecast

The clouds will come and go through the night but we're still expecting plenty of fog. It won't last long though...a cold front brings rain and eventually clear/colder weather! Details within.

08/28 Ryan's "Tropical Rain" Monday Forecast

Didn't see much rain over the weekend from the tropical moisture Harvey brought into the area, but showers began tonight and we'll see more in the coming days. Details within.

08/08 Ryan's "Gloomy" Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Overcast and rainy as expected, but most of the rain stayed North of the three coastal counties. Expect much more in the coming days, but you'll have to watch the full forecast for details.