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6/20 – Rob’s Hot & Humid “Midday News” Forecast

The final day of Spring is shaping up nicely with much more sunshine and HOT conditions...

6/20 – Rob Knight’s Final Day Of Spring Forecast

A rain-free start to this final day of Spring with areas of light patchy fog...

06/19 Ryan’s “One Shower” Tuesday Night Forecast

Even though we still saw one shower pop up in the afternoon, today was still the driest day we'll see all week....

06/19 Ryan’s “Dry” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Much drier today even though we still saw at least one shower; expect more of the same ahead....

6/19 – Payton’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Hot and humid again, and the first day of Summer is just days away.

6/19 – Rob Knight’s Tuesday Morning Forecast

A tropical wave has moved ashore E'tern Texas with warm & humid conditions along S. Mississippi...

06/18 Ryan’s “Waning Moisture” Monday Night Forecast

It was cloudy, rainy, and humid today, but will be much drier for the next few days....

06/18 Ryan’s “Tropical Moisture” Monday Evening Forecast

A disturbance has brought tropical moisture home causing cloudiness and a few showers, but it'll be a much drier this week than last....

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