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10/18 – Payton’s Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Doesn't get much better than today...cooler and drier.

10/18 – Payton’s Thursday Morning Forecast

Cool this morning, but even cooler temperatures are in the forecast.

10/17 Ryan’s “Transitioning” Wednesday Night Forecast

The cold front that moved in yesterday is slowly bringing in the cooler and drier air, but we'll see more rain soon....

10/17 Ryan’s “Transitioning” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Things are finally changing back to Fall-like weather, but we'll see more rain before the week is through....

10/17 – Payton’s Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Clouds from this morning are slow to leave, but we'll see sunshine and drier air eventually.

10/17 – Rob Knight’s IMPROVING CONDITIONS Forecast

The cold front has moved south, as cloud coverage and areas of patchy fog persist...

10/16 Ryan’s “Still Cloudy” Tuesday Night Forecast

We'll see clouds and moisture linger in the area as long as a front continues to break down, but more fall weather is moving in....

10/16 Ryan’s “Still Cloudy” Tuesday Evening Forecast

The cold front slowly moving into the area continues to bring cloud cover and a few showers, but more Fall like weather is on the way....

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