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9/12 – Payton’s Thursday Tropical Update

We're keeping an eye on the tropics as we head into the weekend, but there are a lot of unknowns

9/11 – Payton’s Wednesday Tropical Update

Tropical development is possible in the Gulf of Mexico later this week.

9/10 – Payton’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast and Tropical Update

Remaining hot and humid, and watching a disturbance headed toward the Gulf.

9/9 – Payton’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

Very hot this afternoon and what we're keeing an eye on in the tropics

9/8 – Payton’s Sunday Night Forecast and Tropical Update

The heat continues and here's the latest on what we're watching in the tropics

9/5 – Payton’s Thursday Afternoon Forecast

A Heat Advisory this afternoon and the latest on Hurricane Dorian

9/3 – Payton’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

A hot and dry week...multiple tropical cyclones could develop

9/2 – Payton’s Monday Evening Forecast

A hot and dry week...and the tropics have come alive.

9/1 – Payton’s Sunday Night Forecast

A few t-storms possible on Labor Day, but hotter and drier midweek.

Wednesday Afternoon Forecast and Update on Tropical Storm Dorian

Drier Thursday and Friday and the latest on Tropical Storm Dorian

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