9/12 – Payton’s Thursday Tropical Update

FORECAST: Today will be another hot and humid one. Highs will climb into the lower 90s with heat index values over 100 for most. A downpour is possible, but most will be dry. This continues into Friday as well. By Saturday and into the weekend that’s when things get tricky. Our forecast will depend on the track of the tropical system near The Bahamas.

TROPICS: There were some pretty big shifts in guidance for the potential tropical system we’re watching in The Bahamas. New models are showing a huge spread of possibilities from a weak system in the Gulf of Mexico to a hurricane off the East Coast. Bottom line is it’s still too soon to know for sure. And a track off the East Coast would mean a dry weekend here, but a track into the Gulf of Mexico would mean a wet weekend here. Once we get a center circulation the models will start handling this better. The Hurricane Hunters are gonna check it out today and we’ll likely have an official forecast from the NHC later today. Next name is Humberto.

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