Tuesday Afternoon Forecast and the latest on Tropical Storm Dorian

FORECAST: We’ll see a few downpours as we head throughout the afternoon and evening, but not everyone will see rain. Wednesday a cold front will move through and rain chances will elevate. The front will bring drier air by Thursday and it’ll be sunny, warm and pleasant outside Thursday and Friday. This weekend the moisture returns and rain chances start to elevate once again.

TROPICS: The storm is struggling a lot Tuesday morning. It’s possible Dorian falls apart in the Caribbean or near the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, but if the storm can make it into The Bahamas in once piece it will likely be able to strengthen as it approaches Florida. It is also possible Dorian gets into the Gulf of Mexico later this weekend into Labor Day. Too soon to know for sure, but it’s a possibility we’re monitoring. We’ll have to see how the storm evolves through Thursday before we have a better idea. As always it never hurts to review your hurricane plan. We’re getting to the peak of the season.

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