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Sunday, May 9, 2021
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04/29 – Brantly’s “Warm and Muggy” Thursday Forecast

As the weak front slowly moves through the area, this will support slight chance to a good chance of rain returning to the area...

04/28 Ryan’s “Warmer, Humid” Wednesday Night Forecast

Another warm, humid night ahead as moisture continues to pile up ahead of an end-of-week front.

04/28 – Brantly’s “Warm and Muggy” Wednesday Morning Forecast

Today we’ll see clouds continue to roll in from the west as temperatures heat up to the upper 70s and lower 80s for highs....

04/27 Ryan’s “Foggy” Tuesday Night Forecast

Another foggy night ahead as a slow moving front piles up moisture in the South MS area, with little change until the weekend.

04/27 – Brantly’s “Warmer, More Humid” Tuesday Morning Forecast

High pressure continues to dominate the southeastern U.S. through Wednesday night, giving us calm conditions with little to no chance for rain. Our high...

04/26 Ryan’s “Muggy” Monday Night Forecast

Didn't dry much after our weekend front and now the humidity will slowly rise for most of the week, so get ready for some muggy, foggy evenings....

04/26 – Brantly’s “Sunny and Warm” Monday Forecast

Winds are expected to gradually become more southeasterly today as the return flow begins to develop. A little warmer for Monday as the return...

04/25 – Brantly’s “Clear” Sunday Night Forecast

Clear skies tonight and only a few scattered clouds are expected on Monday. Light northerly winds will become light and variable overnight, then gradually...

04/22 Ryan’s “Clouds Increase” Thursday Night Forecast

Today was the last of the week we'll see clear, blue skies, but our cloudy, stormy weather won't last too long into the weekend.

04/21 Ryan’s “Chilly” Wednesday Night Forecast

One of the coolest nights we've seen in a while is moving in later, but we'll begin warming from there until our next front moves in Saturday morning.

04/21 – Brantly’s “Sunny, Dry, and Cooler” Wednesday Forecast

Very quiet conditions continue over the next couple of days. High pressure continues slides east across the region, giving us clear skies and calm...

04/20 Ryan’s “Sunny & Clear” Tuesday Forecast

Skies have finally cleared for good and will remain that way for almost the entire week, but that's when rain begins to creep back in....
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Local News

Shuck Cancer Bike Ride in Downtown Biloxi

Bicyclists from across the Coast hopped on their bikes and road around Downtown Biloxi this evening to benefit local cancer patients. As a part of...

Eighth annual Mother’s Day Cookout for Seniors in Biloxi

Mother’s Day weekend is starting early here on the Coast. Earlier today in Biloxi, Woolmarket Senior Center and St. Joseph’s Hospice hosted their eighth...

Two Men and a Truck give back to mothers in need across the Coast

To show their appreciation for mothers, Two Men and a Truck decided to help mothers in need across the Coast by collecting items for...

Gulfport High School is now home to a world ranked Robotics Team

Gulfport High School’s Robotics team is now ranked number two in the world for their 2021 Robot Build. Zakeri Brown has been competing on robotics...