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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Weather Headlines

2/26 – Rob’s “Continued Warm/Humid” Friday Morning Forecast

Another very HUMID start to the day with widespread fog affecting south Mississippi...

02/25 Ryan’s “Foggy” Thursday Night Forecast

Warmer, more humid air is setting up shop and won't leave South MS any time soon, and we'll see several days with low rain chances.

2/25 – Rob Knight’s “Cloudy & Warm” Extended Forecast

Sunshine mixed with clouds as DENSE FOG continues over the sound and outer coastal waters...

2/25 – Rob’s “Disruptive Weather” Morning Forecast

Widespread DENSE FOG is in the area with an advisory until mid-morning...

02/24 Ryan’s “Cloudy & Warm” Wednesday Night Forecast

Getting warmer and more cloudy through the night, as days of grey, wet days are on the way.

2/24 – Rob’s “Spring-Like Conditions” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Another very nice "spring-like" afternoon ahead with sunshine and warm temperatures...

2/24 – Rob Knight’s “Sunny & Warm” Wednesday Morning Forecast

Another cold start to the day but warmer than we have seen over the past week...

02/23 Ryan’s “Little Warmer” Tuesday Night Forecast

Cooling trend is over, and we're starting our warming trend that will take us through the rest of the week.

2/23 – Rob’s “Way Above Seasonal Conditions” Afternoon Forecast

A beautiful sunny afternoon ahead as warmer air from the GOM will move back into the area...

2/23 – Rob Knight’s “MUCH WARMER” Tuesday Morning Forecast

A cold start this morning with much warmer temperatures through the weekend...

02/22 Ryan’s “Cool-Down” Monday Night Forecast

Last weekend was quite warm, but we're going to see a decent short-term cool-down as we head through the next few days.

2/22 – Rob Knight’s “Warm & Sunny” Monday Afternoon Forecast

Clearing skies will continue with sunshine and mild temperatures this afternoon...
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St. Patrick High student conducts water quality experiment

When the Bonnet Carre Spillway is opened, it can have impacts on marine life in the Mississippi Sound. Sixteen-year-old Emerson Morris, a St. Patrick Catholic...

Multi-vehicle crash shuts down bridge on Cowan Road

The Gulfport Police Department is currently investigating a multi-vehicle accident on the Kremer Marine Bridge on Cowan Road. Police say multiple people are hurt. Northbound...

Harrison County School District teachers receive COVID-19 vaccine

Teachers and staff in the Harrison County School District are joining their fellow educators on the Coast in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. HCSD employees met...

Lighting the town green in the City of Biloxi

As more people get vaccinated, more public events and Coast traditions are slowly and safely coming back to life. They won’t be painting the town...