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6/11 – Rob Knight’s “LOWER HUMIDITY” Morning Forecast

A pleasant start to the day with a cold front east and a less humid air mass through the viewing area...

6/3 – Rob’s 1st Workday Of June Forecast

A very warm start to the day with a weak/dry cold front to our north...
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5/15 – Rob’s “Potentially RECORD BREAKING Temps” Forecast

After record breaking temps yesterday afternoon, it's a very warm start for your Tuesday morning...

1/11 – Rob’s Friday-Eve “Cold Front” Forecast

After temps in the upper 60s to 71 degrees yesterday afternoon, warm conditions continue this morning as low temps are in the mid-60s...

10/3 – Rob’s Tuesday Morning (Improving) Forecast

The majority of rain including HEAVY RAIN stayed west of our area yesterday, with a rain-free start this morning...

1/2 Rob’s “Severe Threat” Monday Forecast

The gray/gloomy continues with rain and t-storms already in the area...and a SEVERE THREAT for this afternoon.

9/23 – Rob’s 1st Weekend of Autumn Forecast

As low-level humidity continue to increase, it's a warm & humid start with areas of PATCHY FOG...

9/22 – Rob’s “Beginning of Autumn” Forecast

After a southerly wind much of yesterday, increasingly humid conditions have developed with warm temps...

8/25 – Rob’s “Friday Eve & Tropical” Forecast

It's a sunny start this morning with a few thin upper-level clouds moving across the area along with areas of light patchy fog...

8/18 – Rob’s “Summer Pattern” Forecast

Under partly cloudy skies, we have a few light showers along the coastline...