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05/13 Ryan’s “More Clouds” Wednesday Night Forecast

Warm and humid like the last few days have been, but now much more cloudy...something that won't change for the rest of the week.

05/12 Ryan’s “Warm, Comfy” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Today was the last day with comfortable humidity we'll see for a while, and it'll only get hotter as well.

04/15 Ryan’s “Coolest & Driest” Wednesday Night Forecast

Pretty cool and dry today, but warm, humid, and cloudy weather with scattered showers will move in quickly ahead of the weekend.

04/15 Ryan’s “Coolest & Driest” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Today was the coolest day of the next seven with the lowest humidity, but both begin to increase in the days ahead.

4/2 – Rob’s “Beautiful” Afternoon Forecast

A lovely afternoon ahead with a few upper clouds and mild temperatures...

2/28 – Rob Knight’s “Beautiful Weekend” Forecast

After a chilly start, temperatures have warmed nicely into the 60s...

2/7 – Rob’s “Much Warmer” Weekend Forecast

Sunny and cool Friday afternoon...

01/21 Ryan’s “Below Freezing Again” Tuesday Forecast

More sub-freezing weather tonight, but slightly warmer than it was last night. This warming trend will continue ahead of Thursday's frontal system.

12/18 Ryan’s “Freezing Cold” Wednesday Night Forecast

We're seeing cool and sunny afternoons, but downright frigid nights....

12/18 Ryan’s “Cool & Clear” Wednesday Forecast

The sun returned but temperatures remained cool throughout the afternoon, and will only get colder tonight....