12/25 – Jeff’s “Another Frigid Night” Christmas Night Forecast

A hard freeze is in store for many of us yet again. Plants, pets, people, and pipes need to be protected with inland temperatures in the 20s. Areas along the beachfront will be closer to 30 but you can never over-prepare with this type of cold.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a warming trend. Temperatures will max out in the low-50s across South Mississippi. Temperatures will dip below freezing for some inland. However, it will not be the widespread hard freezes that have been plaguing our area.

The true pattern change begins through the early portion of this week. The cold airmass we’ve been under will continue to modify. By midweek, temperatures will return to seasonal. Moisture wi;; be on the increase Wednesday into Thursday. As we approach New Years, there will be a frontal system that bears watching. Rain chances begin to increase Thursday night. It looks like the week will end on an active note.

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