12/26 – Jeff Vorick’s “Warmer Pattern” Monday Evening Forecast

The warm-up is starting to take effect across our area. High temperatures managed to reach the 50s earlier today across South Mississippi. We will see cloud coverage stream in overnight from a decaying frontal system that is moving through the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures will not be as cold tonight compared to previous nights. In some inland spots, temperatures may dip below freezing overnight. But, a hard freeze is NOT in the cards tonight.

Tuesday will be slightly warmer than today with high temperatures near seasonal averages. Expect a few clouds of mainly upper-level variety through the day. Return flow off of the Gulf of Mexico will be in effect. Moisture will increase through the middle of this week.

With a southerly flow and the nearshore waters being cold, a prime setup for sea fog will be in play beginning Wednesday. A frontal system will begin influencing our pattern starting Thursday. Cloud coverage will increase, then rain chances increase heading into Friday. Widespread shower and thunderstorm activity will occur Friday into Saturday. The potential is there for efficient rainmakers as we head into the New Year.