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Sunday, March 7, 2021
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03/04 Ryan’s “Increasing Clouds” Thursday Night Forecast

Another chilly one lies ahead, but it will begin quickly warming ahead of our next frontal system....

03/03 Ryan’s “Clear & Calm” Wednesday Night Forecast

Finally dry after a string of fronts paraded through South MS over the past several days, but now we're looking at a sunny rest of the week....

02/23 Ryan’s “Little Warmer” Tuesday Night Forecast

Cooling trend is over, and we're starting our warming trend that will take us through the rest of the week.

02/22 Ryan’s “Cool-Down” Monday Night Forecast

Last weekend was quite warm, but we're going to see a decent short-term cool-down as we head through the next few days.

02/19 Ryan’s “Even Colder” Friday Night Forecast

Last night was cold, but tonight will be even colder as the skies clear and winds calm....

02/16 Ryan’s “Warming…Barely” Tuesday Night Forecast

Going to be another exceptionally cold night by South MS standards, but it is warming.

02/02 Ryan’s “Groundhog Day” Tuesday Night Forecast

Expecting another cold night ahead and cool afternoon tomorrow, but things warm up quickly from there.

01/18 Ryan’s “Warmer Week” Monday Night Forecast

Still going to be chilly tonight, but we're beginning a warm trend that'll take us well beyond the seasonal average for the week.

01/18 Ryan’s “Warmer” Monday Evening Forecast

Warmer weather is on the way after a sunny, yet cold weekend. Expect a bit more rain though....

01/13 Ryan’s “Warming” Wednesday Night Forecast

Finally a nice warming trend moving in, but it isn't going to stick around long before more nights near freezing move in.

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03/05 Ryan’s “Wet Morning” Friday Night Forecast

Getting some quick cloud cover and showers out of the way tonight so we can enjoy a beautiful, slightly cooler weekend.

High School Baseball: Harrison Central vs. George County

Harrison Central playing host to George County. Harrison Central walks it off in the bottom of the seventh, 5-4 final.

High School Softball: St. Martin vs. George County

At St. Martin, Lady Yellowjackets hosting George County in the sport with the neon yellow ball. St. Martin-9 George County-7

NCAA Baseball: Mississippi State vs. Kent State

Diamond Dawgs back at the Dude hosting Kent State in a three-game series. MSU-8 Kent State-3