07/22 Ryan’s “Dry Night” Thursday Night Forecast

Less rain means more afternoon heat....

Drier today as we didn’t see much rain, but that led to some sweltering conditions with heat indices near 105! That sadly is “the rub” when it comes to our weather. When it gets hot enough, the sea-breeze circulation develops to help keep the inland area cooler with a few spotty showers.

On days like today where drier air is limiting that afternoon development, we end up with just rising heat and high humidity with no cool spots.

This drier trend continues through tomorrow and the start of the weekend, so be on the lookout for some of the symptoms of heat illness we discussed in the forecast. I expect to warm another degree or so, which means the heat index will reach values near 110. By next week though we’ll be back to seeing more regular afternoon activity, just not as much as we’d been seeing.

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