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2/21 – Rob’s Mid-Week/Humid Forecast

A WARM/HUMID start to the day with PATCHY FOG ahead of an approaching cold front...

2/20 – Rob’s “Warm/Humid” Tuesday Morning Forecast

A WARM start to the day with several locations already in the low 70s...

2/19 – Rob’s “President’s Day” Forecast

A VERY WARM and humid start to the workweek, with minimal fog through the viewing area...

2/16 – Rob’s Friday Morning Forecast

Another morning with areas of DENSE FOG...a DENSE FOG ADVISORY continue through 10 A.M...

2/14 – Rob’s Valentines “Midday News” Forecast

Patchy morning fog has dissipated but the cloudy skies continue along with warm & humid conditions...

2/14 – Rob’s Valentine’s Day “Morning News” Forecast

A mild and humid start to Valentine's day with areas of PATCHY FOG through the Southern 6...

2/13 – Rob’s “Happy Mardi Gras” Tuesday Forecast

Another cold start to the day under cloudy skies, with improved conditions for your Mardi Gras...

2/12 – Rob’s “Midday News” Monday Afternoon Forecast

The extensive cloud coverage continues with areas of drizzle for your Lundi Gras afternoon...

2/9 – Rob’s Friday/Weekend Forecast

A cloudy and warmer start to the day before the potential of HEAVY RAIN this weekend...

2/8 – Rob Knight’s “Midday News” Forecast

After a cloudy start...more in the way of sunshine this afternoon along with cool temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s...

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