7/17 – Rob’s “Drier” Wednesday Morning Forecast

The heat will be with us for several days and heat index values will rise to around 105 each day. This will eventually be cut as we move through the weekend into the new week. Precipitation numbers will move slowly upward over the weekend and even more so into the new week.

An actual cold front looks to make a visit by the start to middle of next week and this is the main reason for the higher precipitation numbers next week.

Fronts getting this far south without being strongly modified are rare to say the least. And if this front is able to move past the area, there could be some warmer temps in store but we will have to see how this all works out as it is at the end of this forecast cycle.

At the moment, severe weather numbers are low regarding this front. But this could change as we move closer to that time and that would not be uncommon.

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