7/18 – Rob’s “Sizzling” Thursday Morning Forecast

The heat and humidity continue and precipitation chances will slowly rise over the next few days. Chances may be better during the morning hours since cloud depths will be deeper during this time. This is already being observed just south of the coast. This will get easier over the next few days as moisture values move upward and the low level inversion weakens. A front will join us next week allowing an even better focus for showers/t-storms to develop.

The front looks to stall somewhere in the vicinity of the gulf coast. Most fronts that make their way into the gulf normally get suppressed by the Bermuda high-pressure. But unfortunately, the increase in daily showers/t-storms activity is evidence that the ridge is backing off. This could allow the front to actually make its way over the gulf without any major suppression. This is not normally a common event this time of year. This is quite a ways out, so for now model trends and patterns will be watched.

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