7/25 – Rob’s “Perfect” Thursday Morning Forecast

A rarity in these parts in late July, overnight humidity levels in the 55 to 80 percent range, as opposed to the typical 95-100 percent. A large portion of the area inland including SW Mississippi is in the mid-upper 60s this morning. What a nice short break from the summer swelter! Continental air mass to maintain another dry day today before humidity levels begin to return to normal heading into Friday. Higher moisture content air was just displaced off shore about 150 miles or so, and will be induced northward throughout the day Friday. Dry air influences aloft should limit convection somewhat, but would seem a gulf breeze boundary will develop to allow for some showers and thunderstorms closer to the coast Friday afternoon. Temperatures, particularly the overnight lows, will likely maintain some influences from continental drainage to remain on the cooler side of normal for another night or two before the continental air is fully flushed out over the weekend.

Relative humidity levels return to normal as gulf breeze process becomes better established and moisture gains some dwell time heading into Saturday. This should bring rain chances in line with climatology for daily afternoon thunderstorms on gulf breeze and lake breeze interactions. The region will remain under some influence of large scale troughing to increase downburst potential as winds and column moisture aloft would likely favor dry air entrainment into downdrafts. Temperatures trend to near normal levels by Sunday and remain so through much of next week.

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