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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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08/02 Ryan’s “Grey Evening” Friday Forecast

Showers and thunderstorms were a bit closer to the coast today, but who gets the showers tomorrow?

06/06 Ryan’s “Damp” Thursday Forecast

The rain continued today after lines of stronger storms moved in just after noon. Expect even more in the days ahead....

06/05 Ryan’s “Finally Wet” Wednesday Forecast

Today was our first significantly rainy day in quite some time, and it isn't going to stop anytime soon....

11/19 Ryan’s “Weak Front” Monday Evening Forecast

We've seen a long string of clear and sunny days, so it doesn't feel too bad we're seeing clouds and rain moving in tonight....

11/13 Ryan’s “Cold & Wet” Tuesday Evening Forecast

The rain continues, but it's gotten much colder and will continue to cool as drier air moves in for the weekend....

11/12 Ryan’s “Stormy” Monday Night Forecast

The light rain will continue through the night and into the next few days before much drier weather moves in....

10/09 Ryan’s “Hurricane Michael” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Scattered showers and and thunderstorms will continue through the night and into tomorrow, but Hurricane Michael will be pulling all the warm moist air to the East....

09/27 Ryan’s “Gloomy” Thursday Evening Forecast

It's been cloudy and rainy all day long, and I expect similar conditions tomorrow. Next week looks drier though....

08/10 Ryan’s “Disturbed” Friday Night Forecast

This afternoon's disturbed weather is subsiding, but we'll see more each day this weekend....

08/10 Ryan “Disturbed” Friday Evening Forecast

Today began a trend of grey and stormy days, but we'll see drier and warmer days soon....

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01/19 Ryan’s “Trending Up” Tuesday Night Forecast

Going to be much warmer than last night, but rising humidity will lead to a few foggy areas early tomorrow morning.

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