8/27 – Payton’s Sunday Night Forecast

This weekend wasn’t too bad across South Mississippi. There were isolated showers, but for the most part most of the activity associated with now Tropical Storm Harvey stayed in Louisiana and Texas. As there is not much upper air movement, Harvey will continue to linger in Southern Texas, but eventually will start to move gradually off to the north and east. Right now the track from the National Hurricane Center has Harvey moving through Northeast Texas toward the end of the week, but there is still plenty of uncertainty in the exact track. Here in South Mississippi we could feel more effects from the storm this week with an increase in rain chances. It is not going to be a constant heavy rain, but rather waves of heavy showers moving through the area. Major flooding is not expected here in South Mississippi, but it is not out of the question to see between 3-5 inches by this weekend. This will feel similar to the typical thunderstorms we have been dealing with all summer.

A new Potential Tropical Cyclone is expected to develop off eastern portions of Florida and develop into Tropical Storm Irma, and then move to the northeast away from the area. There is also an area in the Atlantic that is being monitored for development, but currently has a low chance of doing so. Have a wonderful week!

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