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Ryan’s “Record Breaking” Tuesday Forecast

With another day of record breaking temperatures behind us we'll see some slight cooling through the rest of the week, but only into the upper 80s....

9/20 – Rob’s Wednesday “Midday News” Forecast

It's a HOT late summer afternoon as temperatures area climbing into the upper 80s...BUT, the HEAT INDEX is much higher...

07/25 Ryan’s “Much Drier” Tuesday Night

No showers have materialized yet after this afternoon's moved on, and drier weather can be expected through the rest of the week. Please watch the full forecast for details.

7/3 – Rob’ Monday Afternoon “HOT” Forecast

Temperatures continue to warm with the HEAT INDEX poised to be between 100-105 degrees this afternoon...and through much of the workweek.

08/19 Ryan’s “Friday Friday” Forecast

Another much drier day today with only a few showers popping up, check inside to see what you can expect for the weekend.

6/23 – Rob’s “Friday Eve” Forecast

A VERY PLEASANT morning as a NW wind brings cooler/drier air into the local area...

6/14 – Rob’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Isolated activity from this morning continuing to develop with the help of daytime heating...

5/27 – Rob’s Holiday Weekend Forecast

As the mercury climbs, humid conditions continue with mostly cloudy skies...

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