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Ryan’s “Rapidly Clearing” Wednesday Night Forecast

This afternoon's showers cleared rapidly, but we'll see more developing tomorrow....

06/27 Ryan’s “Clearing” Wednesday Evening Forecast

This afternoon brought more thunderstorms to our hot and humid day, but they didn't last long....

06/26 Ryan’s “Hot & Dry” Tuesday Night Forecast

There were still a few showers today, but much of the area remained dry. Expect more of the same for the rest of the week....

06/26 Ryan’s “Mostly Dry” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Today was another hot and humid day with a few showers, with even more just like it on the way....

06/01 Ryan’s “Excessive Heat” Friday Night Forecast

The 2018 hurricane season started today, but that was a bit overshadowed by the high heat indices coming to South MS for the weekend....

06/01 Ryan’s “Tropical Season Starts” Friday Evening Forecast

There's no activity to track on the first day of the tropical season, but we will see some dangerous temperatures over the weekend...

05/31 Ryan’s “Heat Index” Thursday Night Forecast

We've already experienced some hot days and nights, but it's going to get even hotter into the weekend....

05/31 Ryan’s “Triple Digit” Thursday Evening Forecast

Today was as hot and humid as expected with even higher temperatures and the way and not rain to cool us off....

5/17 – Rob Knight’s HOT/HUMID “Friday-Eve” Forecast

Showers and t-storms beginning to pop in the local area due to intense daytime heating...

Ryan’s “Record Breaking” Tuesday Forecast

With another day of record breaking temperatures behind us we'll see some slight cooling through the rest of the week, but only into the upper 80s....

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