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8/1 – Rob’s “Hot & Humid” Afternoon Forecast

Temperatures are climbing into the upper 80s as spotty showers develop south and north of the area...

7/11 – Rob Knight’s “TROPICAL WATCH” Morning Forecast

A cloudy start to the day as potential tropical cyclone #2 continues to develop roughly 200 miles south of Mobile bay...

7/4 – Rob Knight’s ID4 Morning forecast

A very warm start to the day with a few upper-level clouds moving in from the west...

6/13 – Rob Knight’s “Low Humidity” Morning Forecast

Another amazing morning with lower humidity as a reinforcing cold front is now to our east...

5/16 – Rob’s Sunny & Warm Afternoon Forecast

Warming temperatures continues under sunny skies as a few clouds are developing along the coast...

5/16 – Rob Knight’s “Friday-Eve” morning Forecast

Another very nice start to the day as temperatures are just a bit warmer than the past few days...

5/2 – Rob Knight’s “Even Warmer” Morning Forecast

A very warm and humid start to the day with areas of patchy fog...

3/21 – Rob Knight’s 1st Full Day of Spring Forecast

A few hours of a south wind yesterday afternoon is providing warmer temperatures this morning...

3/14 – Rob’s Thursday Afternoon “Cold Front” Forecast

Spotty showers beginning to develop as the cold front is moving closer to our area...

3/14 – Rob Knight’s “Friday-Eve” Morning Forecast

Winds tapered-off last night but still in the mid teens as the cold front has slowed down to our west...

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