3/31 – Rob Knight’s “Storm Recap” Friday Eve Morning Forecast

The front is now well east of the area after leaving extensive damage through the region including South Mississippi. Multiple areas were hit by damaging straight line winds in excess of 60 mph, along with a brief tornado in Jackson County. Another short lived tornado touched down in NE’tern George county. High-pressure will begin moving in from the NW, ushering a colder/drier air mass. Pleasant condition will continue through Friday before high-pressure moves SE allowing for the next system to move in.

The trailing end of this system will linger along the north central GOM and flare back into the N’tern Gulf late Friday night. As it does so, another cold front from the NW will aid in pooling the Gulf moisture back into the region. The approaching front will bring sowers/t-storms early Saturday morning through mid-afternoon before clearing the area. Sunshine and warm temperatures expected Sunday.

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