Ryan’s “Icy” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Temperatures topped out slightly above freezing this afternoon as the sun came out, but icy roadways are still expected through the night and early morning. This afternoon’s weather could actually increase the dangerous conditions in some areas since generally only the top layer melts, spreads out, and could refreeze after sunset assuming it doesn’t evaporate. This is why we’re still expecting treacherous conditions overnight, especially around bridges and overpasses, but it won’t be an issue anymore after the afternoon rolls around and temperatures climb into the mid 40s. Tonight’s low will fall again into the twenties and teens across the area, with wind chills making it feel more like the upper single digits and low teens. That means another hard freeze is in effect, so care should be taken to protect your pipes (wrap outdoor, drip indoor), pets (bring in please, if you don’t you are likely risking their life), plants (bring in/cover), and people (check on elderly, or those without central heat or air). Afternoon highs climb into the mid to upper 60s by the weekend, so the cold won’t last much longer.

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