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02/15 Ryan’s “Record High/Dense Fog” Thursday Night Forecast

We broke a long standing temperature record this afternoon and I'm expecting to break a few more over the next couple of days. Watch the full forecast for details.

02/15 Ryan’s “Record High” Thursday Evening Forecast

While still unofficial, it seems we beat the record high temperature for today and will likely do so tomorrow as well. Get ready for several hot and humid days in a row, click here for the full forecast.

Ryan’s “Lundi Gras” Monday Night Forecast

Happy Lundi Gras everyone! It's going to be just as cloudy as today was, but considerably warmer for tomorrow. Watch out for a few showers, and watch the full forecast for the details.

02/12 Ryan’s “Cloudy Gras” Monday Evening Forecast

The rain has moved on but the cloud cover and humidity remain. It's chilly today, but we'll warm significantly through the week so watch the full forecast for details.

02/09 Ryan’s “Cloudy and Humid” Friday Night Forecast

We haven't seen much active weather in South Mississippi today despite the increase in humidity and cloud cover, but expect to see it move in quickly after midnight. Click here for the full forecast.

02/09 Ryan’s “Cloudy” Friday Evening Forecast

The clouds and humidity moved in today as expected, and while showers will build in overnight, the storms won't pick up until tomorrow. Watch the full forecast for more.

02/08 Ryan’s “Increasing Clouds” Thursday Night Forecast

Everyone asked me how long the beautiful weather today would last, and the short answer is, "that was it." We'll see increasing clouds tonight and rain all weekend long, but you'll have click the forecast link for the details.

02/08 Ryan’s “Only Sunny Day” Thursday Evening Forecast

Today was the only sunny day we'll see this week as clouds, showers, and even some thunderstorms move in and don't leave until next week. Watch the full forecast for more.

02/05 Ryan’s “Nice Start” Monday Night Forecast

It's calm and mostly clear right now, but by this time tomorrow we'll have seen showers and thunderstorms with another round on the way during the early morning hours of Wednesday. Click this link for the full forecast.

02/05 Ryan’s “Sunny Day” Monday Evening Forecast

We started off this week with a beautifully sunny day, but that'll be the last one we see for the next week or more. Watch the full forecast for details.

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