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MDOT prepares for snow, ice in North Mississippi

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in northern Mississippi as a cold front is bringing a preview of winter. Snow has fallen in...

ACLU legal director on ICE raids

This week’s ICE raid has prompted a response from the ACLU of Mississippi. The group’s legal director and interim executive director issued the following statement:...

ICE raids likely to occur on Coast according to local immigration lawyer

The Wednesday ICE raids in central Mississippi have left many immigrants on the Coast concerned for their futures. John Foxworth is an immigration attorney here...

300+ immigrants released following worksite raid

More than 300 immigrants have been released as of this afternoon, according to a regional ICE communications direction. Some 30 workers were immediately released for...

Largest ICE worksite raid in U.S. history in Jackson

The largest single-state worksite raid in our nation’s history uncovered nearly 700 illegal aliens right here in Mississippi. Homeland Security and the Southern District’s U.S....

President Trump Threatens to Deport Millions Beginning Next Week

Trump Threatens to Deport Millions Beginning Next Week

01/17 Ryan’s “Still Icy” Wednesday Night Forecast

There won't be any winter weather tonight, but icy conditions will remain on some South MS roads. Watch the full forecast for the latest.

Ryan’s “Icy” Wednesday Evening Forecast

We're in for another brutal and dangerously cold evening, but without the added drama of the winter weather which has moved East. Click this link for the full forecast.

Frozen beaches in South Mississippi

Now all the ice on the roads might be an unusual sight for South Mississippians, but what about a beach that is frozen solid? The...

Accidents Due to Ice on Interstate 10 Today

There have been dozens of accidents this morning due to the ice in South Mississippi. Here is viewer video sent to WXXV of two of...