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Friday, September 18, 2020
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09/16 Ryan’s “Post-Sally” Wednesday Night Forecast

Sally is already just a depression and moving away, so expect dramatically improving conditions going forward.

09/16 Ryan’s “Post-Sally” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Sally has moved on, but the weather still looks nasty. That'll change quickly though!

09/09 Ryan’s “Dry Weather” Wednesday Night Forecast

More beautiful, dry weather today, though rain won't stay away for much longer.

09/09 Ryan’s “Postcard Perfect” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Another round of beautiful weather today in South MS. It'll continue a little longer, but rain will move back in eventually.

09/02 Ryan’s “Mild, Misty” Wednesday Night Forecast

Mild and misty tonight with more light inland fog and few degree cool down....

09/02 Ryan’s “100 Degrees” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Hot and sunny today, but still manageable thanks to slightly drier air. Though that changes soon.

08/26 Ryan’s “Category 4 Laura” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Hurricane Laura has continued to strengthen, and will make landfall later tonight as a major hurricane on the TX/LA border.

08/19 Ryan’s “Cooler, Drier” Wednesday Night Forecast

Finally a little cooler and drier, but it is over before it starts as the next few days get quite wet.

08/19 Ryan’s “Slightly Cooler” Wednesday Evening Forecast

It was a few degrees cooler today, but more rain as we head into the weekend will bring highs down even further....

08/12 Ryan’s “Wetter” Wednesday Night Forecast

Saw more rain today, though it largely stayed in the northern South MS counties. Expect it to spread out more tomorrow.

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