01/07 Ryan's "Active Weather" Sunday Forecast

After an extended period of cold and dry weather, we're finally seeing warm and moist air move in along with some active weather. Click this tab for the full forecast.

Ryan's "Warming..." Sunday Night Forecast

We've been trending upwards through the weekend with our temperatures and that continues into tomorrow, but we'll see two more fronts this week. Click for forecast details.

Ryan's "Mother's Day" Sunday Night Forecast

Mother Nature may have helped us out with a great Mother's Day afternoon, but don't expect many changes in the next few days. Watch the full forecast for the details.

Ryan's "Post-Storm" Sunday Night Forecast

Strong storms moved through earlier today, but have now moved off towards the East. A cold front will pass through overnight leading to some cooler & drier air, so be sure to watch the full forecast for details.

04/23 Ryan's "Clearing" Sunday Night Forecast

Saturday's cold front brought some stronger storms to the area than anticipated, but severe weather stayed away. The cooler and drier condition didn't stay away, and they'll continue into tomorrow. Watch the forecast for details.

04/16 Ryan's "Easter" Sunday Night Forecast

I hope everyone enjoyed their cloudy, but otherwise pleasant, Easter weather! We've more beautiful days ahead, though it looks like stormy weather will move in late Saturday. Watch the forecast for details.

04/02 Ryan's "Enhanced Risk" Sunday Night Forecast

The clouds moved in early today and winds have been increasing throughout. Severe storms expected to inch into the area overnight, so be ready for a rough Monday morning. Click the forecast link for more information.

03/26 Ryan's "Getting Cloudy" Sunday Night Forecast

The cloud cover seemed to come and go throughout the day, but now that the night is moving in the skies will darken ahead of our next frontal system tomorrow. Click the forecast link for all the details.

03/12 Ryan's "Full Moon" Sunday Night Forecast

After a weekend that brought some light rain, we saw a bit of clearing earlier today. The clouds are moving back for one last rainy day before a cooler & drier week, so be sure to check out the forecast for details.

03/05 Ryan's "First" Sunday Night Forecast

It's my first evening on the Sunday night show! Today remained overcast as expected and a few showers are starting to pop up. Click the forecast link for more information.