Ryan’s “Mother’s Day” Sunday Night Forecast

I hope all the Mothers out there had a happy Mother’s Day, and you’ll be happy to know this fine weather we saw on your special day will continue a little while longer. Tonight will remain mild and clear, with the evening low remaining in the upper 60s, while inland areas will end up a few degrees cooler. Relative humidity will reach saturation in many areas, and while I expect our most fog-prone areas to see the early development of some light fog, shifting winds will eventually turn northward keeping the air slightly mixed, drier, and limit fog production.

Tomorrow (Monday) afternoon’s high will warm slightly to 86 on water, upper 80s inland, but will remain relatively dry. The synoptic (large-scale weather) features will be rather stagnant over the next few days, so very little will change was we head into Tuesday, though I expect a slight bump in cloud cover. Wednesday will be similar as well, but the ridge will begin moving far enough away that return flow will begin, increasing the humidity in the area.

A cold front will form late Wednesday out of the dry line boundary which has lingered in central TX since today, and finally start to push eastward, though I don’t expect it to make it all the way into South MS. It’s much more likely the front will begin to diffuse over the area, and simply linger into the weekend, causing a few days of increased cloud cover and a chance of light showers.

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