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Medical Marijuana 2020 collecting signatures

The Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative for Mississippi is eyeing their signature goal before the September 6th deadline. Representatives from the group say that they have...

Mississippi and Medical Marijuana

Sixty-eight percent of the nation has approved medical marijuana and Mississippi is still not one of them. Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson has taken...

Medical marijuana petition

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson was on hand Saturday to help support the legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi. Joined by the Mississippians for Compassionate...

Ocean Springs mayor pushes for medical marijuana

This past weekend, Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson hosted a signature gathering event for the medical marijuana 2020 campaign. If voters agree to the initiative,...

New push for medical marijuana

Today an initiative was filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office asking to make medical marijuana accessible to Mississippian’s suffering from debilitating medical...

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