Medical marijuana currently on the market in Mississippi

Now that medical marijuana dispensaries are open and doing business, you may be wondering what product is out there.

Patients can only purchase flowers in Mississippi that do not exceed 30 percent THC.

Bee’s Buds has sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Sativa gives a more calming effect, indica can give someone more energy, and hybrid offers a combination of both.

Each of these come in various THC levels and terpenes, which determine the aroma, flower, and the therapeutic benefits. That means two identical products could offer two different experiences. Bee’s Buds CEO Barbara Wilson said, “Right now, it’s flower. We’re told that we should be, at the end of the month, receiving vape pens and concentrates. Then the edibles will take a little longer because they have to be approved through the FDA and things like that.”

Bee’s Buds also is adding economically friendly options to the dispensary so there is something for every budget as well as more accessible options such as pre-rolled cigarettes.

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