Couple looks to begin new cannabis facility on the Coast

One couple on the Coast decided they wanted to open a cannabis dispensary after seeing the need for one.

Along with several partners, Jessica and Brian Bricker decided to open up their own cultivation company called ‘The Happy Cultivation Company’ and a new facility on their property where they have done hydroponic work for several years. “With the experience our company has over the past 10 years from doing hydroponics with lettuce farming, we figured we should get give it a shot on hydroponics in cannabis.”

This kind of company can expect a lot of paperwork to be done. It begins with the application with the local zoning department in order to get a conditional use permit to turn over to the state.

Once that step is completed, you then make sure your organization is following all regulations set by the Department of Health including everything ranging from facility size, smell, and location.

You then send off your regulation’s paperwork to the state where your business is either approved or denied.

If your paperwork is denied, you then have only five days to fix it and resend to the state. “If you don’t change it in those five days, that’s it. You’re done. You have to repay and try again.”

The state regulates the size of each facility by flowering space which is determined by eight different tiers. These tiers determine the fees each facility has to pay a year as well as some minor regulation changes. “By regulating that by setting your sizes to that they allowed smaller people to get in instead of just making it one big price for the biggest people.”

While the process of approval has been challenging, the Brickers say it’s all for a good reason. “You can expect a lot of hair pulling with it but in the end that pulling is for a reason and that’s to keep everybody safe and happy and that’s what we want.”

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