How to purchase medical marijuana in Mississippi

Now that medical marijuana is available to purchase, you may be wondering how do you actually buy it in Mississippi?

So, you have your medical marijuana card. What’s next? SweetGrass VP Managing Partner Mariah Wells is going to tell us.

When people first walk into SweetGrass, they’ll be greeted by a representative at the desk. At this point, they’ll be asked to show valid identification and their medical marijuana card.

VP of Operations Blake Wells said, “Some of the feelings you might have when coming into a dispensary for the first time, you might feel like you don’t know what type of products to get or what type of products fits your body. My advice, if you’re visiting a cannabis dispensary for the first time, just relax and let the care consultant help you out and pick your bud of choice.”

When a care consultant becomes available, they will take you to the main sales floor. Your care consultant will ask you various questions about what ailment you are seeking relief from.

Certain strains can help with inflammatory pain or with mental health.

With the information you’ve provided, a care consultant can then offer the form of Cannabis they feel will best bring you relief. “So, our goal at SweetGrass is to ensure that we are sitting down and making all of our patients knowledgeable about the products that we have. We don’t want to just push product to them; we don’t just want them consuming anything. We want to make sure that it is something that is beneficial for them.”

Once a guest has made their selection, they can check out just as they would at any other retailer and take their products home to give it a try.

SweetGrass will open Thursday. Their hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Here is a list of Licensed dispensaries in South Mississippi


  • No licenses issued. The county opted out of medical cannabis cultivation.


  • Coast Cannabis at 835 U.S. 90, Unit 6, Bay St. Louis Diamondhead Root at 4405 E. Aloha Dr., Unit AA, Diamondhead
  • LeafMed4 at 10209 Hwy. 603, Bay St. Louis
  • Mississippi Provisions 5 at 624 Hwy. 90, Bay St. Louis
  • Waveland Marijuana at 112A Auderer Blvd., Waveland
  • 420 Bay St. Louis at 200 Hwy. 90, Unit B, Waveland
  • Magnolia Green at 940 Hwy. 90, Waveland
  • Diamond Leaf at 445 Yacht Club Dr., Diamondhead


  • AMG GOLD Dispensary at 1885 Pass Road, Biloxi
  • Coast Dispensary at 913 Division St. Biloxi
  • Culture Cannabis Club, location one at 2572 Pass Road, Unit B & C, Biloxi
  • Culture Cannabis Club, location two at 9305 Hwy. 49, Gulfport
  • Greenwise at 9113 Hwy. 49, Suite 100, Gulfport
  • LeafMed1 at 10585 Three Rivers Road, Suite 6, Gulfport
  • NOXX Cannabis at 1120 Beach Blvd., Biloxi Mississippi
  • Dispensary Investments 1 at 2389 Pass Road, Biloxi
  • Rebecca Powers at 771 Water St., Biloxi
  • The Coastal Capital Dispensary at 232 Debuys Road, Biloxi Rootdown 5 at 2699 Pass Road, Biloxi
  • Roots Remedy at 1301 31st Ave., Gulfport
  • SweetGrass MS at 2650 Beach Blvd. Suite 3, Biloxi
  • Cultivated Wellness Dispensary NO. 3 at 12407 Hwy. 49, Gulfport
  • Nice Dreams at 520 E. Railroad St., Suite A, Long Beach
  • Bee’s Buds at 14313 Stenum St., Suite A, Biloxi
  • Bud Barn at 15171 Lamey Bridge Road, Biloxi
  • Dixon Dispensaries at 11370 Hwy. 49, Gulfport


  • Mississippi Provisions 1 at 1223 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs
  • Mississippi Provisions 4 at 3600 Gautier Vancleave Road, Gautier
  • MS Mudd 2 at 1809 Denny Ave., Pascagoula
  • MS Mudd 1 at 3430 Main St., Moss Point
  • The Islands Dispensary at 3920 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs
  • The Magnolia at 20 Marks Road, Ocean Springs


  • No licenses issued. The county opted out of medical cannabis cultivation.


  • No licenses issued.
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