Good Day Farm Dispensary hosts ribbon cutting in Biloxi

Good Day Farm Dispensary in Biloxi cut the ribbon today and began welcoming in guests.

Good Day Farm is celebrating the grand opening of its Biloxi location. Originally created in Arkansas, Good Day Farm is a southern marijuana dispensary. CEO Ryan Herget is excited that Good Day Farm is finally on the Mississippi Coast. “We consider ourselves a Good Day Farm. We are. We’re really the ambassadors of cannabis for the south. And given the rich history of Mississippi, this was a natural next step for us.  And Biloxi, specifically, just the great people, the great atmosphere, the great city – it was just an area we had to be a part of.”

This is the company’s sixth store in Mississippi and their fourth southern state to serve. Their product for Mississippi is cultivated in Oxford.

In addition to selling flower, they make flavored gummies and pens. Their prices range from $10 to $45 for flower.

The associates are at the heart of this southern-grown business. Associates like Joshua Pritchard see the impact medical marijuana can have in the south. “It’s helped me… like I was a gymnast for 10 years growing up and I have a lot of inflammation in my knees. And if I’d had a long day where I’ve been on my feet and I’m able to consume… that inflammation just like immediately leaves my knees. It’s important for me to be in this industry because I want to connect with people and really be a conduit to help them understand what they need.”

Good Day Farm currently has flower for sale and is hoping to have its pens and gummies soon. To learn more, visit their website at

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