City of Gulfport considering amendments in medical marijuana dispensary ordinance

As medical marijuana dispensaries across the Coast will receive products in the coming days, Roots Remedy, a medical marijuana company owning property on 31st Avenue in Gulfport, hopes one day they will too.

Because of the city’s current dispensary zoning ordinance, their building sits vacant. Today, during the city planning commission meeting, the dispensary zoning ordinance was addressed.

The outcome was to table or suspend consideration so all parties, including zoning, planning, and city council members, can workshop any changes together.

This resolution came after hours of pleas from those for and against changes to the dispensary. Roots Remedy argues that the current ordinance only allows operation within a very limited geographical area.

While they must wait longer for an answer, they’re hopeful for an outcome that will allow for them to operate within the same area as other medical facilities. Roots Remedy Chief Development Officer Leah Simon said, “We would like to have a decision if they are interested. We should have had a workshop in 2022. I will be optimistic because I believe we will have medical marijuana in that building.”

There was a 45-day stipulation put on to ensure the matter would be resolved in a timely fashion.

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