03/06 Ryan’s “Warmer” Wednesday Evening Forecast

The good news is it’s getting warmer, but the bad news is it’s still cold and even freezing inland. Tonight’s low will climb into the mid thirties on the waterfront but will still linger at, or just below freezing starting around the Hattiesburg area. This will be the last night of such temperatures though, as we’ll be back into the 50s as early as tomorrow night and into the 60s by Friday night.

The afternoons keep pace with the nights, so expect a steady rise into the upper 70s by Sunday.

That’s where the warming trend stops and the active weather moves in. A front begins moving down from the Central Plains and brings with it the chance of severe weather. There is no official “severe threat” designation yet from the SPC, but at least a “marginal” risk is possible. Instability values don’t appear to be at the level I expect for widespread severe weather, but that could change. Either way, once the front moves through we’ll see slight cooling, but those clouds don’t go far and it will remain above 70 degrees.

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