02/06 Ryan’s “Morose” Wednesday Evening Forecast

When a long-lasting cloudy/humid weather pattern moves in it’s sometimes hard to keep from using the same gloomy/grey/dreary descriptors, so today I decided to mix it up with “morose.” It still fits perfectly, and sadly it looks like we’re in for one more day and night of these sullen conditions.

The only real change to tonight’s weather will be our continued warming as the overnight low climbs to 64 degrees on the coastline.

Dense Fog Advisories have been issued again for all coastal and inland counties except for Pearl River County, and they’ll still see at least a patchy fog develop. Thursday afternoon will continue the warming trend as well with the afternoon high rising to around 73 on the waterfront. However, some short lived changes are finally on the horizon.

A cold front will move through South MS overnight on Thursday, and cooler/drier Arctic air will bring more seasonal conditions.

Expect the high to fall into the mid 50s for Friday and Saturday, the skies to open up a little to let some sun in, and at least one chilly Friday night in the upper 30s. As I said earlier these changes are short-lived. Return flow brings the moisture and spring-like conditions right back in, so we’ll be approaching 70 degrees again by next Monday with cloudy skies and scattered showers.

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