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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Tag: Muggy

09/10 Ryan’s “Mostly Clear” Thursday Night Forecast

Today was sunny and dry, but more and more clouds will arrive as we head through the weekend.

09/04 Ryan’s “Labor Day Weekend” Friday Night Forecast

Nothing tonight, but rain will begin arriving over the weekend...ending our long dry streak.

09/04 Ryan’s “Labor Day Weekend” Friday Forecast

A few more clouds this afternoon but we'll have to wait a little longer for rain....

09/03 Ryan’s “Few Clouds” Thursday Evening Forecast

Only changes from yesterday are a few more clouds and it's a little warmer, a trend that will carry us into the end of the week.

09/02 Ryan’s “100 Degrees” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Hot and sunny today, but still manageable thanks to slightly drier air. Though that changes soon.

09/01 Ryan’s “Meteorological Fall” Tuesday Night Forecast

Fall won't officially start for another 3 weeks, but meteorological speaking it starts today! Either way, won't feel much like fall until likely mid-December.

08/26 Ryan’s “Category 4 Laura” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Hurricane Laura has continued to strengthen, and will make landfall later tonight as a major hurricane on the TX/LA border.

08/11 Ryan’s “Hazy Heat” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Another excessively hot and humid afternoon is in the books, with only a few afternoon showers coming to cool us down....

07/17 Ryan’s “Drier Trend” Friday Night Forecast

Much less rain today than the last few days, something we'll continue into the weekend but it doesn't stay away forever.

07/13 Ryan’s “Less Miserable” Monday Night Forecast

Things will cool down slightly in the days ahead due to more afternoon rain, but otherwise not much else changes.

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09/18 Ryan’s “Grey Weekend” Friday Evening Forecast

Today was a little washed out thanks to our high level, thin clouds and light drizzle, something that won't change much over the weekend....

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