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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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04/08 – Brantly’s “Cloudy ” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Fog from this morning has dissipated and we are left with cloudy skies for the first part of the afternoon. Overcast conditions should give...

04/07 Ryan’s “Warm, Foggy” Tuesday Night Forecast

More warm, low visibility conditions moving in tonight with very little change in the days ahead.

03/23 Ryan’s “Warmer Week” Monday Night Forecast

We'll see some hot afternoons ahead as warm, moist air piles up ahead of a front, but we'll see some slightly cooler and drier days ahead...slightly.

03/19 Ryan’s “Early Spring” Thursday Night Forecast

Spring has arrived earlier than usual, and I explain why in the forecast, but cooler weather is on the way as a front moves in.

03/19 Ryan’s “Early Spring” Thursday Evening Forecast

Spring begins tonight just before 11 PM, earlier than it has in nearly 125 years!

03/18 Ryan’s “Last Winter” Wednesday Night Forecast

Tonight is the last full night of winter, as spring begins tomorrow...the earliest it's been in over a century!

03/18 Ryan’s “End of Winter” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Not much has changed in the last few weeks, but it is now getting much warmer and more humid as we begin spring tomorrow.

03/18 – Rob Knight’s “Mostly Cloudy” Wednesday Morning Forecast

As the southerly flow continue to bring moisture into the region, areas of overnight widespread dense fog will affect South Mississippi through the rest...

03/17 Ryan’s “St. Patrick’s” Tuesday Night Forecast

Tomorrow is the last day of winter, and it'll continue to warm as we approach the weekend and a cold front moves in.

03/17 Ryan’s “St. Paddy’s” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Few more clouds today and even a few showers, but expect fewer of them going forward. It will continue warming though.

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08/14 Ryan’s “Cool & Damp” Friday Night Forecast

More evening showers tonight with more on the way over the weekend, but it is making things nice and cool.

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