01/24 Ryan’s “Much Cooler” Wednesday Evening Forecast

It was much cooler today thanks to continued Northern winds and a high deck of stratus clouds. Cooling will continue through the night, but we’ll begin warming as early as tomorrow afternoon, a trend we’ll continue through the rest of the week. Expect the temperature to remain on the cool side tomorrow, near 59 on the waterfront, but with much more sunshine. The high pressure center moves to the East of us after lunchtime, so the East/Southeast wind shift will begin bringing in warmer and more humid air quickly raising temperatures from the upper 30s (tonight) into the mid 40s by tomorrow night. The “return flow” keeps up the moisture and warm air advection into Friday, bringing the afternoon high into the mid 60s and evening low into the low 50s. This pattern continues until Saturday when a low pressure system that’s been brewing in the Western Gulf starts making its way Eastward, hitching a ride with a weaker Northern frontal system. Showers and a few thunderstorms are likely on Saturday, but so far it’s not looking like anything severe is expected. Some showers will linger into Sunday morning, but things will begin clearing in the afternoon and we’re in for a much cooler and drier start to next week.

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