10/19 Ryan’s “Last Seasonal” Tuesday Evening Forecast

We'll shift from fall to "late summer" pretty quickly as we wrap up our last seasonal day for a while.

The weather has been nice since last weekend, but today was the last seasonal day we’ll see for over a week. This afternoon was still warm with lower humidity, but it will rise sharply through the night. Expect a considerably warmer low than last night, now near 68 degrees on the coastline. Inland areas will be slightly cooler, but will still see around a 12 degree increase. Tomorrow afternoon doesn’t change much temperature wise, but will be noticeably more humid. Expect a high near 80 degrees with cloudy skies and a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day.

There is a small chance of severe weather, but rotation will be hard to come by without significant shear so heavy rains are the most likely issue.

This active weather dwindles a bit, but continues into Thursday. By Friday a cold front moves into the area, but it will provide little in the relief. It will clear the mid and upper levels of clouds, but the surface humidity barely changes. The biggest issue is once it passes through, it almost immediately transitions into a warm front, bringing in even more moisture and warmer air. That means the long-term forecast will feel more like late summer once again.

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