11/03 Ryan’s “More Clouds” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Still not too bad, but we're seeing more clouds moving in as we head into Thursday.

This morning was still on the sunny side, but more and more clouds have moved in. In fact they’ll continue to build into tomorrow, but thankfully won’t bring any concerning weather or last long. Tonight, expect mostly cloudy skies with a light northerly breeze and a slightly warmer low near 52. Tomorrow afternoon will actually cool slightly thanks to the increased daytime cloud cover, high now near 68 degrees.

Skies will remain mostly cloudy throughout most of the day, but very little rain…if any at all…is expected.

By the time Friday rolls around a short-wave will have gotten our stalled front moving again and the skies will begin to clear. By Saturday we’ll be right back to the beautiful fall weather trend we ended today. Skies will be clear, high will be mild, and we’ll see plenty of sun well into next week.

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