11/02 Ryan’s “Clear & Dry” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Another clear & dry day behind us, with subtle changes on the way.

Not much change again today as our clear & dry weather continues to linger over South Mississippi. That pattern will begin to shift somewhat as we approach the middle of the week as a short-wave moves in. This will bring a bit of moisture and energy by Wednesday night, but not much else. For tonight though, expect clear skies for most of the night with low humidity and a slightly warmer low near 52.

Around sunrise we’ll begin to see clouds building in from the West, cancelling out those clear skies as moisture moves in the mid levels while it remains dry at the surface.

This will lead to a slightly cooler afternoon with a high near 73 degrees and mostly sunny skies. By sunset those clouds will begin increasing more noticeably, leading to mostly cloudy skies by Thursday morning. We’ll see a slight chance of showers from Thursday morning to Thursday evening, but it isn’t looking substantial. This slow front will be on its way out by Thursday night, leading to clearing skies by Friday. This sets us up for another perfect fall weekend with low humidity, plenty of sunshine, and mild temperatures.


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