11/11 Ryan’s “Special Guest” Thursday Evening Forecast

A special guest "meteorologist" joins me to talk about today's cold front and weekend forecast.

A cold front moved through today bringing changes for the weekend, and a special guest came in to discuss it. She’s my niece Claire, and she’s been wanting to try out meteorology for a while and is pretty good at it as you’ll see. Not too much going on to discuss though. Today’s front brought some trace amounts of rain to the South MS area, but is already on the way out.

We’ll be left with a bit of cloud cover for the next few hours with clear skies by morning.

The front won’t bring a big change tonight, but a second, reinforcing front will really drop those temperatures and dewpoints for the weekend. That means highs will dip only into the low 70s for Friday, but max out in the low 60s for Saturday while lows linger in the 50s Friday night and fall into the mid 30s by Saturday night!

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