10/26 Ryan’s “Short-Lived” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Today's drier, cooler air will be short-lived as a stronger front brings a surge of warm, humid air before thunderstorms move in.

A weak front brought some short-lived changes today, but much more significant changes begin tomorrow. That’s all going to be due to a much stronger front, which will bring active weather…including potentially severe thunderstorms. That won’t be until tomorrow evening though, so tonight we’ll only get a slightly warmer low near 62 and increasing clouds.

By the afternoon tomorrow we will likely see a few showers, but a strong line of thunderstorms moves in for the evening.

Expect it to rain for about 8 hours, with enough energy and wind shear that we could see severe weather. Right now there’s a slight risk (level 2 of 5), but it could be upgraded as the front develops. Stay tuned for updates as it moves in and throughout the event tomorrow. Afterwards, upper level clouds linger for Thursday and the first part of Friday. Otherwise, expect much more seasonal weather for the weekend and most of next week.

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