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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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06/12 Ryan’s “Gorgeous” Friday Night Forecast

More sunny and drier weather is on the way, with very little cloud cover in the days ahead.

04/29 Ryan’s “Much Cooler” Wednesday Night Forecast

Cold front brought strong storms early this morning, but is now bringing much cooler and eventually much drier air into South MS.

04/23 Ryan’s “Calm, Cooler” Thursday Night Forecast

Don't expect significant cooling behind today's front, but it will feel much drier heading into the weekend.

04/15 – Rob Knight’s “Cooler” Wednesday Forecast

A couple of cold mornings in store as Canadian high pressure centered over central Texas and ridging into the Ohio and Allegheny Valleys remains...

04/14 Ryan’s “Chilly, Dry” Tuesday Night Forecast

More cool, dry air is moving in, so expect the best day of the week tomorrow...but it does begin warming again after that as clouds gather for the weekend.

04/14 Ryan’s “Sunny & Dry” Tuesday Evening Forecast

A slow-moving ridge will bring continuously cooler and drier weather for another day, but clouds and rain move in for the weekend.

04/10 Ryan’s “Much Drier” Friday Evening Forecast

Dewpoints have fallen 30 degrees since yesterday after the cold front pushed through, but more warm, moist air and even storms are on the way.

04/01 – Rob Knight’s “Cooler” Wednesday Morning Forecast

Dry conditions expected through Friday then the return flow will begin to bring the humidity and warmth back to the area. Saturday through Tuesday: a...

03/31 Ryan’s “Much Drier” Tuesday Evening Forecast

A cold front brought active, even severe weather to the South MS area, but now cooler and drier air is rushing in.

01/17 Ryan’s “Much Drier” Friday Evening Forecast

Still cloudy, but much drier than the last several days have been. Even drier days are ahead, but we'll see more rain first.

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01/22 Ryan’s “Damp” Friday Night Forecast

Cloudy skies moved in last night, but the rain waited until today...just didn't see all that much of it.

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1/22 – Rob Knight’s “Gray/Gloomy” Friday Afternoon Forecast

A band of rain continues to affect the area heading into this afternoon...

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