09/24 Ryan’s “Dry Weekend” Friday Night Forecast

Get ready for a sunny and dry weekend, but warmer, more humid weather will return soon.

Don’t expect a noticeable change to the weather as a sunny and dry weekend lies ahead, but it’ll get warmer and more humid next week. Skies remain largely clear through the weekend, but more and more cloud cover is on the horizon. Only seeing light, wispy clouds this evening with an overnight low near 57 degrees and light northerly winds.

The warming becomes less subtle tomorrow as the high climbs to 82 degrees, but the low humidity will persist through Sunday.

In fact, it won’t be until around Tuesday before any “significant” cloud cover develops, and even then we’re talking just “mostly sunny” skies. By Thursday a slight chance of afternoon showers returns, but I’m being very generous giving it 20% chances so it’s likely we may have to wait a week or more for any active weather.

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