10/29 Ryan’s “Hallo-Weekend” Friday Night Forecast

Still some thin cloud cover lingering today, but it'll be gone as we head into a particularly seasonal Hallo-weekend.

I hope you’re ready for some much more seasonal, cooler weather as we head into a beautiful Hallo-weekend. Not sure if that particular phrase exists, but it should and feels appropriate since Halloween is Sunday. Well see plenty of sun over this Hallo-weekend as well with two  nearly identical days.

Expect a nice fall afternoon Saturday with a high near 70 degrees, sunny skies, and light northwesterly winds.

We’ll be in for an even cooler night with the low falling to 49 degrees on the coastline with clear skies and calm winds. Not much will change as Halloween rolls around either. Expect the high and low to rise about two to three degrees each, to 72 and 51 degrees respectively, but with even less cloud cover than today. We’ll keep these clear skies well into next week, with no significant clouds moving into the area until Wednesday/Thursday. That’ll be due to our next front, which won’t bring much in the way of active weather, but will bring another round of cooling and drying for next weekend.

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