09/23 Ryan’s “Feeling Good” Thursday Evening Forecast

Low humidity helping to make it feel as good as it looks in South MS for the next few days.

Yesterday’s cold front has taken hold in South Mississippi and it is feeling good outside. In fact, it’s finally feeling as good as it looks with drier air at all levels of the atmosphere, so no more muggy afternoons for a few days. Expect tonight to be even cooler than last night with a low near 55 on the waterfront with even cooler lows inland.

Winds will remain light and northerly for the rest of the week.

That means more good feeling and good looking weather for tomorrow afternoon, so get ready to enjoy another perfectly sunny day with low humidity and a low near 78. This is as cool as it’s going to get however, and we’ll start going the other direction as early as tomorrow night. Still, it’ll be a slow climb. We won’t be back to average temperatures (~87) again until next Wed, and rain chances remain low. That’s not to say we won’t see any though as spotty afternoon showers are possible in the heat of the day.

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