cliff kirkland

Judge refuses to overturn Kirkland verdict on sex charges

Former Biloxi official Cliff Kirkland was back in court recently, asking Judge Larry Bourgeois to either overturn his conviction or grant him a new trial. Kirkland, appearing thinner and wearing a red-and-white prison jumpsuit and shackles, appeared July 25 in…

Former Biloxi official faces sex charges

Former Biloxi City Official Cliff Kirkland’s sex crimes trial started today after being delayed earlier this week. Kirkland faces nine criminal charges, accusing him of fondling three minor girls at…

Biloxi employee Cliff Kirkland resigns from city post

Cliff Kirkland, who worked for three mayors in his 30-year association with Biloxi City Hall, has tendered his resignation in the wake of being arrested for two counts of allegedly touching a child with lustful purposes.

“Our Love Affair with Baseball” Luncheon

The first of the only two white baseball players to make the Biloxi Dodgers’ roster says he never felt like an outcast at bat. Former Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College stand-out Cliff Kirkland was the speaker for this week’s “Our…

Saints Experience Coming To Biloxi

News 25's Bryan Kennedy interviews Cliff Kirkland about the Saints Experience coming to MGM Park in Biloxi July 8th and 9th.