Judge refuses to overturn Kirkland verdict on sex charges

Former Biloxi official Cliff Kirkland was back in court recently, asking Judge Larry Bourgeois to either overturn his conviction or grant him a new trial.

Kirkland, appearing thinner and wearing a red-and-white prison jumpsuit and shackles, appeared July 25 in Biloxi Circuit Court, according to our media partner, the Sun Herald.

His attorney, Keith Pisarch, argued there were legal points that supported Kirkland’s conviction be overturned.

Kirkland was convicted at a May trial on nine counts of touching a child for lustful purposes and sentenced to 35 years to be served day-for-day.

Bourgeois listened to arguments for more than an hour before denying both requests. The judge did allow Kirkland to remain in Harrison County jail another month before being transferred to a state prison.

Kirkland’s attorney is appealing the conviction to a higher court.

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